Do you require cash for personal or business reason? We work directly with 6 financial institutions for personal and / or business loans. ITC welcome and approvals within 2 days. Apply on-line or contact us directly. Terms and Conditions applies

Starting up your own business can be exciting and also frustrating. CSP Consultancy has the experience to assist you and guide you through the start-up phase of your business. We will assist you in developing business modules, business processes

Are you looking at investing, we can help you choose the right business and make the right decisions. We look before you leap. A proper and thorough due diligence is key to ensuring you do not through good money after bad money. 

Do you want to grow your business? There are two proven ways to grow your business namely Organic Growth or by means of Acquisition. Organic growth is a slow hard process, building the business through marketing activities and new customers

Selling your business, speak to us first. We look at the best option before you sell and will advise if you should sell your business using Net Asset Value or the Free Cash Flow Method. We will provide a professional assessment and valuatio

MARKETING STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION  CSP Consultancy deliver experienced marketing solutions and implementing marketing strategies to increase sales and create revenue targets. CSP Consultancy complement decision making processes by successfull

SALES STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION & TRAINING In today’s economy sales are of utmost importance to increase revenue. Company and sales leaders have no shortage of ideas for what they need to do to improve sales. With so many options

CSP Consultancy provide the services to assist and implement business development to tap into new or niche markets. By tapping into these markets you will create new money pockets and increase your revenue.

QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM  CSP Consultancy has the ability and experience to help your businesses implement a Quality Management System. Developing work instructions, procedures and policies to ensure consistency of products or services.

We offer independent and professional project management services. We can provide the necessary tools to be on track and on time to ensure successful project implementation.

We will help you identify problems within your business, with no emotions attached may it be loss of revenue or loss of profit, let us be your intelligence officers to assist you in resolving these problems.

Is your company unable to meet its financial obligations and struggling in today’s economy? Do you think there is a threat of insolvency or bankruptcy? Do you feel tired and feel like it’s too little too late? We will provide advice and&n